Best known for her role on History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’, Danielle Colby is a lover & collector of all things history and currently starting her 8th successful season with Mike and Frank.  When Danielle isn’t keeping the boys in line you can find her dedicating her time to producing film and small series.  She is executive producer of a historically significant  documentary about legendary burlesque performer ‘Tempest Storm’, along with producing an exciting new project exploring American Music, both set to launch later in 2016.  Danielle resides in Chicago with her two beautiful children.  As an avid adventurer, runner and animal lover, she is currently training for a marathon and collaborating with the PAWS foundation. 

"My work on American Pickers reflects my real life passion for history. The beauty lies in the story. With out a back story there is little value to vintage.  From our past we learn where to direct our present and future humanitarian efforts. This is the mentality that keeps me searching for answers and back stories that will help nurture the human spirit and at times allow us to sit in quiet reflection with the more macabre side of history… The darker side we tend to forget or neatly tuck away out of sight. My goal is to bring to light all sides of history, lay them out in front of you, the viewer and allow you to become an involved steward of history yourself". - Danielle Colby